Here is my opinion of Real Estate in Hampton roads. Realtors and agents who are struggling are just not working hard enough. I wonder what many of them do to stay in touch with their clients. Are they calling popping by sending gifts and being a part of the after life? Since 2002 when I started Real Estate in Hampton Roads. I have seen a vast swing in the market. My first year it just started heating up, by 2003 and 2004 our sellers market was in full swing. I remember sitting at my desk till 6-7 pm hitting the refresh button looking for new listings. It was only a matter of seconds and I would be on the phone to my client telling them about the listing. We would jump in the car to go see the house only to find 3-5 more couples looking at that same time. We experienced multiple offers and escalations on a regular basis. It was a Crazy market and I think a lot of agents would love to see that again. I have to admit not me. I loved it but I’m thankful it was only a season. My practice took a turn in the years of 07 and 08 when I moved to RE/MAX. The first year was euphoric, (I know weird to say) I was on my own completely and working from home. It was my best year ever in sales. I was highly motive and was looking to prove to my self I could be a successful Realtor with out the help of a team or office. By the end of 2008 is when I started to see my drive and momentum slow up. I was a work at home mom with a teen in 12th grade and seemed to be loosing my steam. I knew I had to make a change. I made the move to join a team at REMAX First in the spring of 09. No longer am I in the office hitting the refresh button looking for home. I’m more likely to be doing research on a home or neighborhood for a short sale or REO for my client. Today’s market is still a GREAT market to be in. from 2002 to 2009-It rose to the top then dropped to the bottom and I have enjoyed every bit of the roller coaster. I feel like we are climbing the hill in 2009. Think of the click click of the coaster as it reaches the top. There is fear and suspense, I fee like that is where many people are right now and they fear the future. I think our team and I are pumped with adrenalin and are looking for the drop we are approaching another hill of speed and I believe its going to pick up to be a fast pace market again. Will I be hitting the refresh button ever night most likely not but I bet ill have more appointments and more clients this time next near.