How do you use facbook in Virginia Beach ? Im a local Realtor with RE/MAX First and The Rhyan Finch Team.Wow life is good. I have to take time to remember that all we have in life is a gift and a blessing. I was told yesterday that I post to many updates on my personal page, and Im my own bast fan which was sad the the writer. I don’t know I think it means Im happy engaged and wanting to communicate with my readers. Any way what in the world does this have to do with facbook ? Simply put the more you open up and become real to people the more they can connect with you. Real Estate is a very personal decisions. I have rarely have people want to know just my stats on selling and experience. Many want to know will I trust her can she listen does she understand me and my needs ? Facebook has allowed me to connect with so many people and I have to say It brings me like minded people who I have life in common with . I doubt Ill get a client who does not like me at the table as they have already been able to have personal interview with me via my post pictures and videos on facebook. Its a blessing and a curse to me as I do post a lot and I do expose and open my self up to positive and negative comments. Its all a life lesson to me take te good an the bad and make your self better ! FACBOOK FAN PAGE