Puppy love Sydney and Brittany

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I love my puppy.Sydney is such a doll she has a sweet heart with lots
of love.We got Sydney about 2 years a go. My family and I were coming back from dinner and drove past what used to be the old D&M Seafood place ,now its a CVS, and saw this lady holding Golden retriever puppies with a big sign FOR SALE. My husband literally swerved to make our way over to the puppies. Oh my I was in love these sweet balls of round creamy blonde fur melted m heart. WE found out the owner lived in the neighbor hood next to ours so later that night we drove over to look at all the puppies. I cant remember why we picked Sydney I think she was the fattest of them all and I just could not resist.

Do you have a golden retriever? Let me know ,I’d love to know if your
baby is as sweet as mine.