I have been spending the day at a business planning session in Midlothian. I think my head is swimming with all the stats and numbers. I really need to get a handle on where business is going and where Im spending my money. Its been a great day and well worth the over night in Midlothian. Im feeling a bit overwhelmed about all that I need to do before the 1st of the year. Im looking at where business came in from and where Im spend money. Do you make a plan ? Everything you want to do in life needs a plan. What do you want to do in life and where do you want to go ? Its amazing how we go about life with out any directions. I think planning everything you can will help keep control your stress. I take time to plan meals , budgets, just about anything to alleviate the feel of loosing control. What plans are you willing to make to reduce stress in your life and business.