I have the best friend in the ENTIRE world. APC by TLC or Tammy C took new photos of me for Real Estate. I was told the picture I was using just did not showcase who I really am. I have to admit it was a bit stuffy and I am not stuffy AT ALL !. My clients, co workers and family know me as a happy giddy and full of energy type of person. Normally I have a big smile and almost always something positive to say. Somedays are not so great. When you look at your business picture what does it say about you ? Does it even look like you ? I have been accused of changing my photo to much and that people may not recognize me with all the different hair styles. I like to change and show all side of my personality. There are times when you meet me I will be dressed as a business woman other times i’ll be relaxing in skinny jeans and a t-shirt. What ever the outfit you still get a genuine me.
I’m outgoing, loud, happy, bubbly, and energetic. When it comes to marketing I can be contagious. Anyhow hope the new picture represents who I am a lot better than the last. Tell me what you think.

Bzibee Real Estate photo
Alison Craemer Business photo