UPDATE: We were able to raise 230 to help this friend in need I have even gotten word there might be help coming for medicine as well !!!!! I don’t want to post the specifics just yet but a large dealership here in the area said they would do the tires and look over the car. Can you believe it? Im amazed at what one simple tweet started. We are hopeful to present the entire gift tomorrow and get this person on the road with SAFE tires soon

I posted this in Twitter and in my Facebook fanpage but thought lets write a blog as well. Im trying to see what can social media do to help a needy friend. It might seem strange to ask for money through paypal but why not. I have a friend that is very down on their luck this holiday. Two items most of us find as needs not just wants cannot be met by her alone. Really tires are a NEED no one wants to buy them and with out tires you can not drive your car and with out your car you wont be going to work ! CATCH 22 right. Second problem not enough money to buy her medicine. Again nothing GREAT this is a need not a want. Sad that many people will be covering only needs this year and not enjoying a few wants to put happy faces on. If you want to donate ANYTHING you can paypal it to alisoncreamer@gmail.com or stop in to REMAX FIRST 5511 Princess Ann Rd suite 101 Virginia Beach Va 23462 and drop off a donation. Please put in envelope marked Alison Creamer. I know I know giving money to a stranger, it will go to the needy person and when all done a formal thank you to all who gave !!!!!!!
Thanks everyone