Light rail over budget !
The Hampton Roads light rail is officialy way over budget. I read to the tune of 108 million from original estimate. So will this be a Train to now where ? Will Virginia Beach and Norfolk not see a connection.
What will Virginia Beach Pembroke Towncenter do ! It brought hopes of higher revenue to the area. So what do we do build or stop ? What is the reason for the light rail I hear it was never to alleviate grid lock. I will ride it, in fact Im super excited to not have to drive my car in Downtown Norfolk anymore. Ill be on the puppy in 2 seconds flat when it opens. I think its an amazing idea. I love it and support it . If I could ride public transportation efficiently I would. The only reason I don’t is the busses have lots of stop and go stop and go and it takes for ever to get anywhere. Im hoping with the light rail it will cut the time down. So for me Im excited about it . What do you think leave your comments here .