Crazy as it seems I was sitting here at my kitchen table thinking about people who passed away this year.

Patrick Swayze 57
Walter Cronkite 92
Natasha Richardson 45
Farrah Fawcett 62
Andrew Wyeth 91
Ricardo Montalban 88
Betty Jameson 89
Ted Kennedy 77
Billy Mayes
and of course
Michael Jackson

What will you say goodbye to on 12-31-2009.

I know a few things I would love to say goodbye to in an untimely manner like eating bad food, drinking to much beer and feeling stressed over everything.

There is also few things I need to say good bye to that have been around for quite sometime and now are just past the usefulness. I would say caring about gray hair OH BOY who cares I’m going on 38 and ‘Ill just say I’m a cougar from now on, nagging at dear hubby to eat dinner with the family. Humm… yea after 17 years I think I say good bye to that wish n 2010 it’s been around long enough. Worrying that my daughter will grow up ad marry some rock band kid and leave. Yep gotta give that up to if it happens it happens.

So what is new for 2010 , well I think ORGANIZATION is always on the plan. I want more things with pretty labels and more “homes ” for my stuff. I want better task and check list and I want to learn to use my computer and iphone to completely take me out of the office more and in to peoples homes, work places, restaurants and coffee houses. I want to learn to do more videos and blog more. I really want to ensure my family home and future are secure so Ill be reading more on taxes and savings this year.

That’s about it a complete in sight to my toughs this 12-29-2009 as I sit at the kitchen table reading the last few papers of the year.