Well ,lets see  so far I have stuck to my resolution to not inhale ( yes sometimes Im so hungary it feels that way) any food that is rich in carbohydrates. My reward so far a loss of 7 lbs !!!! YEA ! My other resolution to go back to tracking my time so I can see where Im waisting it and feeling like I did  nothing done during the day. My reward I was able to take this past thursday out of the office to work on other projects. Now lets see if I can add in a few of these

1. Balance my check book weekly

2. Ensure my family has food to eat for dinners and not cook random quick meals

3. Create a media calendar that I will stick to. ( 1/2 way there on that one)

4. Learn to sew better ( I love making items , altered clothes ,curtains, pillows )

5. Learn to knit better. ( mastered a few things but want to make socks)

6. Track my tax espenses better ( mileage , meals, supplies)

7. Help develop a marketing solution that is simple and cost effective for realtors/ lenders to duplicate in the Social Media world

8. Relax when it comes to parenting ( i tend to dominate )

9. Take more Real Estate classes ( Would love to be a broker this year)

10. Go to Church more and join a cell group for photography

11. Learn my D700 camera better

I really could go on and on about all the stuff I want accomplish. I think I have kept my list to items that are 100% possiable. For me I have to see reward I have to see that Im getting somewhere and as I check these off Im sure Ill be adding more the bottom.  So what is your resolutions ? Do you dare to share ? If you share are you afraid someone will hold you accountable to them.