Is  ” American Pie ” is back!

Richmond Times Home and Garden story inspired me to add my twist

My thoughts on the top 10

1. Dark or Black walls!!! HECK YEA!! I love the unexpected in a room color

2. GRANNY or not? Well that depends it has to have a modern flair to it. I love Chintz!

3.Graffitii furniture! hummm not so sure I can get into that

4. MADE IN THE USA!!! Oh double heck yea! We need to support the USA buy AMERICAN!

5. Local harvest!! Again look at # 4 BUY American and LOCAL

6. Flea markets!!! It’s awesome to rework something. I’m looking in to altered clothes this year

7.RECYCLE! Yes again that would summarize # 3 and # 6

8. Converge! Apps are all the rage

9. Laughter! Really people we have to note this as a top 10? It should be the norm for everyone

10 Magazine are going to online rather than papers! (Save the trees)

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