I help people buy and sell homes in Virginia, more specifically Hampton Roads. I do see some interesting decor during my tours. Lets see is retro now or is it the past. Funny how some homeowners have no idea how to pull together a “retro look”. If you have mauve carpet and a papasan chair in your living room this is not TRENDY retro !  Buyers are open to 1960, 70 and 80 pallets if its done right ,I think. Peach or Pink and Chocolate can be very chic matched with the right complimentary color. Sellers if you have no money and no time to remodel your “retro styled home” I would suggest a home stager. Create a chic and hip look with additional decor or the “just right” accessories. I have seen retro homes decorated with a stunning chic arrangement that worked for the buyer client.

Okay lets address the worst offenders that will NEVER be chic or trendy retro

1. Ruffeld curtains

2. Butcher block kitchen coutertops

3. Brass light fixtures

4. 1980s country wall paper

I really think peachy pink bathrooms as long at you can tone it down with chocolate or a complimentary color might be workable.

Here are few local home staggers you can contact if your looking for an update or your ready to sell and you need help. Tell them you saw them on Bzibees blog !

Stage Right Designz LLC

Shore Luxury

Staging on a budget