Tell me do you drive through the Norfolk Down Town tunnel? How often are you stuck sitting and waiting or going at a snails pace to get? How do you take advantage of the time in the car? PODCAST, MUSIC, PHONE CALLS with a variety of tools and technology we at least have the ability to be productive in the car during traffic problems. I say GOD BLESS THE SMART PHONE.

When I’m working with a buyer client who is not familiar to the area I will go into great details about commute and time when traveling through the downtown tunnel. I NEVER tell them how long it takes to get through I only guide them to information that helps them determine the cost of saving money on a homes sales price to the time they will spend away sitting in a car. There are times when that’s a trade off the buyer client finds acceptable

The Daily Beast ranked Norfolk’s Downtown tunnel one of Americas 75 worst commutes. WOW Norfolk that’s bad news.

#18, I-264, Virginia Beach Weekly hours of bottleneck congestion: 97 
Worst bottleneck: Westbound, City Hall Ave/Exit 10 
Length of worst bottleneck: .15 mi 
Weekly hours of congestion on worst bottleneck: 28 
Speed of worst bottleneck when congested: 8.9 mph

Commuter Buzz: “We’re the second-largest region in the state by population and we had a year in which there’s no interstate funding—I just didn’t want to set that precedent,” Aubrey Layne told the Virginian-Pilot in December 2009, after securing a $7.7 million in state funds for updates to the I-64/264 interchange.

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