In 2007 a couple sold their family home to the city. Any one who was around in Virgina Beach knows that was during the BRAC fiasco and the potential loss of Oceana shutting down. The wonderful City Of Virginia Beach goes out and buys up 43 million dollars worth of homes.  That was a total 192 properties near the air field. The idea was to reduce the density of people/ homes  in the area.  Okay back to the point, the couple finds out there was a newer bigger home was built on the lot they sold to the city and wonders why? I thought the idea was to MOVE THE PEOPLE out of a danger zone ?

The city replied with this , the original home had been zoned for a duplex  and that would have put 2 families on the one lot. Allowing the new home to be built  that was 1.5 times bigger than the original home would keep only 1 family on the lot not 2 ?

WTF ????? Yea I said WTF ???  Maybe I’m dumb or really have no clue in city planning but really that makes no sense to me at all !

What do you think should they rebuild all the homes they bought sell them and get the 43 million back ? I think there are some schools or roadways that might need the money !