Oh boy !!!! Its going to take a long time to recover from the economic mess we are in. I was thinking its like loosing weight you know . Its was all fun eating all the junk, lying around on the couch. So now what ,nothing fits and your miserable. Our economy is in the same situation. Everyone knows its going to take hard work to get back in to shape but do we have the drive to do it. We do have options.

1. Diet (starve)    Economy ( reduce spending )

2. Diet ( exercise)    Economy ( Create jobs)

3 Diet ( exercise and starve )    Economy ( create jobs and reduce spending)

It’s never easy to deny your self what you want or go do something that is strenuous or maybe even feel like it hurts. We have to get back on track I think the city will need to come up with more small business growth plans and we have to realign the  budget.

I know that it is a simple out look but after reading we need to have 12800 jobs created for the next 24 months to get back to what we had it just seems overwhelming. It’s been reported over 123k jobs have been lost since 2007 in Virginia.