Wait it’s not over is it ? I cannot believe I missed the opportunity to have my very own mini mansion !!! Darn and I was going to call it maison d’écrémeuse. Oh well I guess instead I jump on some of the other new house 2010 trends.

1. Home decor
Soft Contemporary is the new term that means sleek, sophisticated but comfortable. Look for one or two elements that are eye-catching in a room not the eclectic look of the past.

2. Furniture
Eco friendly items will be a big hit this year.Natural fibers, recycled items and sustainable woods. Look for RED as the home decor color this year.

3. Landscaping
Organic gardens, community gardens, tomatoes, perennials. Thanks to Michelle Obama.

4. Budget Construction
Budget conscious and back to basics , energy efficiency, Going green, Fireplace pits out-door and summer kitchens

5. Remodeling
8-10 home improvements this past year were exterior upgrades. Steele entry door topped the list, fiber cement siding,wood decks,window replacements. Interior remodel were attic/bedroom conversion and kitchen remodel. Less effective items for resale was home office and sun room remodel.

I guess Ill keep my old brick ranch and update it !