1. STOP shopping as entertainment. Im pretty guilty of this. Its food or shopping that makes me feel better so I to have to curb it.

2. Monitor your accounts on a regualr basis. Seeing what you are spending does help curb it and if you see problems you can catch them fast.

3. Reach out for help. There are a lot of really good non-profit and free places to get great money advice.

4. Curb your habit of eating out. It’s amazing how much you can spend at fancy restaurants and fast food

5. Plan your purchases. As soon as you get the new item start saving for the new one. Meaning try not to buy on credit .

I really wish the schools would work more with students to educate them on household math. I have been diligently working with my 19-year-old. Teaching her what is really important what is a whim or desire. From carefull planning and lots of conversation she has successfully saved almost 10k for her first car. We do not advocate credit cards or over spending. There are many conversation about her understanding she cannot live my lifestyle. Kids think because mom and dad go out and buy what they want they should as well. We teach her to live with in her lifestyle not ours or anyone else’s.