Oh national stats  please stop doing this to me ! One month we are up next month we are down, all I see are foreclosures all around.

So here we are looking at January 2010 reports and it seems FC filing are down from December about 11% but still up 8% compared to same time last year. We all know housing will stabilize when job stabilize but that can happen till the economy stabilizes and so I guess that means Wall street is stable. So where do we go to get all this stability ? WHO knows !

All I know is Im looking for a 2 story home in Virginia Beach under 200k that is not a FC or a short sale and by golly there is nothing ! EVERYTHING seems distressed these days.  I guess if i was in a higher price range it would be better. For some reason there are lots of ranches for sale under 200k but not many 2 stories ?