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Are you ready for your first home ? Here are some great tips to get your started

Get professional help: Yes this means a Realtor. Ask friends and co-workers who helped them. It does not hurt to do a little online looking as well. See if the agent/Realtor has a reputation see what people are saying about them. You need to feel very open honest and comfortable with this person . You have to build TRUST

Get qualified: This does not mean call and tell them your income and debts this means give up that Social Security number and start collecting your documents to back it all up. Make sure you ask what can you afford , then talk to them about your comfort payment amount. Make sure what you can afford on paper it what you think you can afford monthly as well.

Make a realistic offer: A good Realtor/Agent  when you are working with them under a buyer broker will aid you in price. They are there to help you decide what is a fair price based on market condition. LISTEN to them they want you to get the home and they want you to get a good price.  Use your gut instinct not just some random number you want to pay

Location, Location, Location : I think out of everything else when you choose a home even if you are paying top dollar, the site is essential. Choose areas with growth or areas that have the highest demand. Look for the smallest home in the most desirable areas. LISTEN to your Realtor/ Agent they want you to make a sound decisions as its will be easier to help you sell that investment in 5-7 years.

Inspections : YES hire the professional. Dont do it your self and don’t hire a friend. Just like your Realtor you want someone who really knows what they are doing.

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