I was looking at all the home improvement articles and came across on in the VA pilot that read KEEP UP MAINTENANCE ON HEATING UNITS TO SAVE BUCKS. I never tought about all the things my great hubby does around the house to keep up running in tip-top shape. Id love to share a few with you.

Here are a few tips from the article and a few thoughts from dear hubby.

1.Change your air filters
2 Get the unit serviced 2 times a year
3. Lower the thermostat 10-15 degrees when you are not home or when going to bed
4. Seal doors ,windows or use insulated curtains
5. During the day LET THE SUN SHINE in it is amazing how much heat that can generate.
6. Ensure you have 18 inches of r-60 insulation in your attic
7. Lower the temperature setting on your water heater , 115-120 is a good setting
8. If you don’t use the fire-place seal it off, if you do make sure the damper is closed when not in use
9.  Use budget billing if that helps keep you from going on a financial roller coaster

My family is very frugal with utilities. We use a wood stove and we get our wood from a friend in North Carolina. We keep our heat at about 65-66 in the winter. We installed efficient toilets to cut down on  water. We installed shower heads that are low flow or can be turned off or down while we shower to conserve. Our light bulbs are all changed over to the  energy efficient types. I’m a bull-dog for food sales and will make meatless meals a lot to conserve. I rarely buy pre packaged snacks but will make plenty of goodies instead from scratch.  What are your tips ? How do you conserve or make the dollar stretch ? Here is a short video from Jimmy Creamer on HVAC service tips . And yes you can hire home in the hampton roads area just call 757-235-2523 ask for Jimmy.