2004 brought a new life to Ocean View or as we are now calling it EAST BEACH. Did you make it to the 2004 Homearama show ? It seems the area is now dormant and the East Beach committee is ready to bring it back to life. HOMEARAMA  2010 will be held in the fall at the former  2004 location. Its time to see if the master plan for East Beach is still a good one or will it need to be reworked. There is room for 400 more homes to be built at the site. The city wants this to work currently the tax assessments bring in about 2 million in revenue and when complete it would bring in about 5 million. Norfolk feels like its one of the most prestigious addresses in the area with people like Sen Ralph Northam D- Norfolk; Sheriff Robert McCabe; Barry Bishop, head of Greater Norfolk Corp; and Channing Pfeiffer, CEO of the builders association.

Home prices are in the 500k+ range and some on the water up to 1 million. Homarama location will started at 24th Bay street. It will included 15 homes and some moderately priced cottages. Prices will range from about 300k to 700k.

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