Golden Retriever
She is so spoiled !

okay I almost fell of the couch when I read the story ” Social networking unleashes a flood of pet connections” . REALLY !!!!!!! I love my dogs Sydney and Sophia and they are spoiled dogs that can take over just about anything in my house. BUT !!!!! I do not have time to maintain a social media profile for them. It’s just about all I can do to maintain one for my self.

Wow DOGBOOK has over 800k profiles and Catbook 175k ( HAHAHAHA I knew DOGS were better ) Horsebook 31k , Rodentbook 3,900 and Fishbook 1,900.

I get it I understand I love my two Golden Retrievers more than I love my kids ( well not really but you understand).I really don’t want to give them virtual hugs and scratches I want the REAL Thing ! I like the idea of connecting with other dog lovers and I see the value in that but I dont see where Sydney or Sophie will feel more loved by me with a DOGBOOK profile. There is an iPhone app for dogbook as well. Twitter and Facebook have profiles for pets as well. Sockington a cat on twitter has 1.5 million followers ! WHOA who would have thought !

I would rather connect my love for my pets on my profile and share them with everyone right along with picture of the kids.

Do you have a pet ? Does your pet have a FACEBOOK, MYSPACE ,or TWTTER account ? If so share the links Id love to see it !

YES I had to add sockington to my twitter friends just to see what its all about !