Okay I guess I have to step lightly on this subject. I think everyone has a right to their opinion and voice.  I just want mine to be heard. I also would not mind comments and insight maybe I have blinders on.

I think helping the sick and handicap is the right thing to do . The widow and the motherless. There is tragedy all around us. As a Realtor I hear it every day we cannot afford to keep the home.  We have lost our jobs or the medical bills are just to much.

When the Real Estate market was hot we saved. My family lived and still lives below our means. We have meatless meals and cut cost like home phone and some insurances. We plan meals and cut coupons just like many. We know that social security may not be there for us and with the 12 years age difference between me and my husband we had to plan for his retirement sooner. So we invested in the stock market ,thinking okay this might be  a good 20 year return maybe it will build to something so Jimmy will be able to relax at a decent age. I thought we were doing something right. Making provisions for our future so we are not a drain on medicare and medicaid. Little did I know Obama would have me paying for this wise decision.

From what I can tell and Im not 100% clear I will now get an additional 3,8% tax on this income ! THANKS OBAMA !  Not to mention we cannot be successful for fear of more taxes as we make good decisions for out lives and family.

Im really concerned about how this makes people not want to grow and not want to provide for them selves. Who’s to say we don’t will it all over to our daughter or give it all away just so we can drain the state and feds via medicaid or mediare when the time comes. I mean really its terrible to think this way . We pay 544 a month for health insurance we DO NOT USE for fear it will go up.  Which by the way has gone up 100 every year. We are on the bubble of dropping it and saving the thousands of dollars a year we have to spend on it.

Can someone tell me how this healthcare reform is going to help me ? I really am not feeling the love I think its more like another bill or penalty for investments saving and trying to plan for your future.