I was reading an article about the digital books like Kindle, Nook and now the Ipad this morning and there was an interesting case made for the loss of visual peer-to-peer sharing. The thought was when your out in a public environment and you see someone reading a book that looks interesting you might jot the title down and go check it out. If the reader visually looks a lot like you meaning similar clothing or visual clues that may show you have similar hobbies you might be even more included to jot that book title down. With the digital books you never get to see the title or the topic. The more I thought about this I began to ponder my Listing and Marketing presentations. I have gone all digital when I do a listing presentation my clients sit at the table and watch my keynote or PowerPoint with all the bells and whistles on how I’m glint to market and feature there home. I offer videos and photos to enhance my abilities. Now where my thought ties in on this topic. My prospect has nothing to review when I leave… OMG I think I have been shooting my self in the foot recently. How can they keep me at the top of their list if there is nothing to pile on the top after any more agent interviews? I for one will start to ensure my prospects have something in hand to remember my by from now on.