Defective Drywall?

The Sunday forum 4-18-2020 of the Virginia Pilot had a great summary article about the recent case for damages from the sale and use of defective drywall. I thought it was a cut and dry case and these poor people would never get their homes fixed. Glad to see there is a chain of ownership to the company that could be held accountable. There is a link that extends to companies in the US that may be part of the repayment and restoration for these homeowners. Richard Serpe a Norfolk Attorney who specializes in environmental and complex litigation. I’m not sure who introduced the bill Foreign Manufactures Legal Accountability Act ( S.160/ H.R. 4678) but this law would make it easier for the U/S consumer to seek justice against foreign manufactures when they are responsible for defective and dangerous products. It reminds me of all the time I have seen warnings and recalls on lead tainted children products from overseas. I wonder who ever held them accountable?

Article was written by Richard Serpe and Jeffery A Breit