Unbundled Real Estate transaction and process

Spirit Airways and the unbundling of common services, will this be good or bad? People do not want to pay for something they do not need or feel they will never use. After reading about how Spirit is  unbundling all the services and allowing the client to A’LACART their experience I’m wondering is this good or bad? A few years ago in Real Estate there was a pitch to go one stop shop. It was the idea people were to busy to drive all over town or even call multiple services and set up accounts or spend hours negotiation needed services for buying or selling a home. I’m not quite sure but for me this “One Stop “ idea never seemed to catch on for me. Of course I did offer a one-stop brochure for my clients. The materials included business they would need during the transaction so at least they had a starting point if they choose to call around for prices.

Now back to Spirit Airways and unbundling…

What if I unbundled my services would it hurt or help? Would clients like an a’lacart of services for a discount or even a premium? What kind of breakdown would I do? I’m not sure if I could even do half a job for my client should they not choose a full service.  It’s a thought and might be one I look at in the future.