Willing to take a risk in the stock market ?

By no means am I an investment guru. I do not even come close to understanding the real core of this industry. I can tell you I get the basic over all knowledge. Its gambling in a long-term sense. When the Stock market was on a cliff and about to take a leap in to the Abyss my husband and I decided we wanted to invest. We knew nothing about what wer were really doing except its seems like many of the wealthy had stocks or a diversified financial plan. I met with Anita Tribble my broker one night and went over all kinds of options. I was scared almost terrified to hand over most of our nest egg. We picked our options signed papers and handed her a check.

With in 1 week the market tanked and I was sick to my stomach thinking Oh my gosh we have lost everything. I called Anita and she assured me it was going to be okay. We had not officialy invested the money yet and as is turned out we bought right when everything dropped. I was relieved. So not a little over a year later we have increased our investments and are thinking of taking more money to build a biggest nest egg.