It’s interesting how a few cool nights can get you thinking of pumpkin pie. My family loves fall and when the thermometer reads 60 anything we start pulling out the fall decor. My favorite fall smell of course is pumpkin and cinnamon. My daughter starts rummaging through the “candle closet” looking for the fall scents and thus starts the holiday season in my house. I would not be surprised to have some form of holiday music on if the temp drops to 50 something at my house either.
Here are som holiday tips found in Living section of The Virginian Pilot about getting your home ready for fall.

1 Stacks of firewood ready for a chilly night
2 Its time to change up the colors in the house. Look for earth tones like brown,rust,golds. Try to keep the same color through out with accessories.
3 Vases filled with crooked willow sticks
4 Indian corn placed in wooden bowls
5 Pull out the heavy fabrics like corduroy,crewel and wool
6 Chrysanthemums say fall has arrived. Place some on your front porch
7 Decorate your front door or garden space with dried wreaths
8 Candles, Candles and more Candles cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin scent
9 Toss a cozy slip cover on the couch in flannel or chenille
10 Dont forget to grab pumpkins,gourds, pile the high on the porch steps
11 Warm some hot cider one night for the family

You can read more tips in the Virginian Pilot living section today.
Thanks Marni Jameson for some great ideas

and realized we are only a few months from then Christmas Holidays.