Is the fall your beginning or end

D Sharon Pruitt
Fall pumpkin

I don’t know what it is about this time of year but it gets me energized. What about you how do you handle the fall.
I think of it as the 2nd clearing time in our house. I like to look at all the summer clothes and thin them out before I pack it all away. I walk around my home looking at old and tired objects and de-clutter. I have been looking at my business the same way. I want to ensure I’m only working tools that create, and heighten my energy and production.
I’m clearing out my cabinets and organizing my files. It’s the 4th quarter of the year a time when many will hang in the towel and say okay I’m done time to wait for January.
I’m not taking that position this year. I’m WORKING hard to ensure we have a great end of year. I have hired an assistant and created a relationship with a buyer’s
I’m looking for new listings and getting my buyers to make decisions.
Now is the START of your year not January

Makethis the best end of year ever! That’s what I’m planning to do

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt called Little Pumpkin With Fallen Orange Autumn Leaves free creative commons