If your in a shortsale with Citimortgage read how my process is going !

I have a short-sale with Citimortgage. The negotiator called me left a voicemail for me to call them back on a Saturday am . I did, again and again and again. The negotiator calls me a few days later, and we finally connect only for him to ask what is the sellers 4 digits of the social and the loan number. I was like ” Im in an airport and dont have it but you called me “. I asked can he just tell me what the next step is for them and if he needed anything more from me. His reply “No I cannot talk to you till you verify this information “, again I said SIR YOU CALLED ME so you know Im the point of contact. Well since then we have called back and forth 8+ more times. He asked me to email him when I got to the office so he would know Im ready. I did this 4 times yesterday with my appointment times so we would not miss each other again. WHAT DO YOU KNOW he calls at the wrong time again. SO I email again said I would be at a desk ready to talk from 430-530. Its now 7 pm and still no call. Im getting so ticked at this guy. Can any one suggest what do I do next. Every time I call him it goes to voicemail and when he calls me I don’t have the file with me. Now I carry the dang thing every place go even the bath room just incase I get the call.

Should I call upper management at this point as this is getting out of hand ?