I send this notice out about a week before closing to my buyer. Here is a conversation about what happens next
Dear Buyer ,

I just wanted to give you some information regarding your upcoming closing and walk-thru. Your walk-thru is scheduled for the 1st of August at 2:30 pm. The utilities need to be transferred in your  name effective August 1st. Attached are the numbers. Telephone and Cable do not have to be on for walk thru only water/power/ gas ( if home is using gas).

Your closing is scheduled for st of August at 5:30 pm.  As soon as the title/attorney gets a final amount for your check  to my office, I’ll will give you a call and review it with you. Sometimes we do not get this number until the day of closing or even a few hours before the closing.
If its to close to the closing time and your concerned about time the lender might be able to get a number to work with .
The check will need to be payable to  XYZ, PC  It must be a cashiers check or a bank check NOT A  PERSONAL CHECK.
The address for closing is 
1234 Main Street Chesapeake, VA 23320
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  If there are any changes to the above times, you will be notified.
Best wishes

Client :Allison-
What check is this about? Isn’t this part of the closing costs money that has been put down by the seller and our previous check?

If there are any closing cost not captured in the sellers contribution amount. Once all the figures come in based on recording fees, survey, appraisal, insurance’s, loan cost ect. All the numbers are tallied up on a HUD1 statement the lender reviews them against the Good Faith that was issued to ensure they are in line with what was on the statement when you first applied for the loan. They take a credit for the closing cost paid by the seller and a credit for the money you put down with the offer. Sometimes there is a balance that is what the check is for.