A Ship-Shape house, Month by Month…..

Reading an article Saturday in the Beacon gave me an inspiration to get my house in order. January is game plan month. If you don’t have  clear goals, then all the to-do is just lofty dreams. Document what you want to accomplish this next year. Use online tools like google docs, dropbox or evernote to store this “wish” list online. Print a copy and post it where your entire family can see it.

A few of my plans this year
1. Remove a wall and expand my family room
2. Build a garage
3. Remodel 2 bathrooms
4. Paint the entire house
5. Print and frame NYC vacation photos
and more and more and more……

Taking down all the holiday decorations can be a daunting task. This year take time to really pack it right. Fold the lights just right instead of a jumbled mess. Label boxes and wrap ornaments carefully. When your ready to do this all again you’ll find 2011 decorating will be a lot easier.

Laying Kitchen Tile
JR Concepts , Jimmy Creamer