I have been following the process of the home build, but being in full-time sales and having a family I was not able to make it everyday or capture everything that was going on with my camera. I’m looking to create a very special project for the family and I need your help. If you have photos from the event you don’t mind sharing with me . Pick you’re top 10 and  please email them to Extremehamptonroads@Gmail.com. I will need a release stating these are your photos and I have permission to use them. I am not planning on selling or making any money off of them. I’m simply looking to make a special project,.please include your contact information.
I was a foster kid on and off from ages 5-13, I know what it’s like to feel unsure about who you are and where you belong. This deserving family has a beautiful home as a constant reminder of the communities gratitude for what they have endured. Imagine taking a child in to your home, being a mom and dad or a brother and sister to this child, only to have them leave. I do not know how many children have been taken in to the arms of this family. I can tell you even if it was only one it’s worth recognition. I’m now 38 and I still love and see my foster family. Dad- Sonny, Mom- Patty, Brothers- Josh, David, Eric and Jere, they all sacrificed something when I moved in and when I moved out.

When you read this ask your self would you break your heart over and over for the sake of a child ? I wanted to be a foster mom,but even I can not endure that. It takes a strong family to handle it.

Thank you and please consider my request.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Hampton Roads