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Can you manage your workload with LOVE?

I came across this article in the COSTCO Connection and thought it was a timely post for February 14, 2011

Lifestyle strategies we are all to busy to take care of ourselves right? It seems the more pressure with work; family and even personal needs the more we turn away from what we need most. EXERCISE! I’m just as guilty as the rest. You need to make Lifestyle changes such as eating healthy and getting 30 min of exercise daily.

Organize your day – Yes this is the simplest task yet many fail. If you keep everything in one place you will not overlap appointments or miss them. One good tip never say yes to anything till you check your calendar.

Values- many of us say we cherish our loved ones. We live and work because we want to provide them with the best in life, however our actions don’t always show the same story. I love spending time with the kids – but never do. I value excellence but I turn in sloppy work. Is it time to revisit your values?

Enjoy- how do you wake up? Are you positive do you think good thoughts about how great the day will be? Do you see success for the day? What is your outlook? So many times we subject our self to a negative out look and guess what it happens. Try waking up and telling your self it’s going to be a great day. That anything that goes wrong will get better and you will be okay.

That is how you manage with LOVE

found in the Costco Connection 2-2011 edition Inspired recap by Gabriele Cora, author of Leading Under Pressure