Today I decided to give a day to my faith. It’s amazing how when you need a recharge God knows. Life throws so much at us sometime and we just want to crumble or complain about it. I have been dealing with my own sorely crisis recently and amazing enough the first session I come to at the conference spoke volumes to my heart.

Here are my notes maybe it will help you to.

Holly Wagner
Matthew 10:34 Don’t think I’ve come to make life cozy
Roman 1:1
Determination is not felt it’s seen, God does not ask us to do hard stuff it’s always impossible. Easy things don’t require determination.

James 1:2-4 maturity does not come from what we know but it comes from what we persevere through. We only preserve through hard things not easy.

VERSE 45 of Jesus walking on water, said he would have walked by the men in the men in the boat, but when they called him, he came. Jesus knew they would get to the other side, but when it got hard and scary they called on him. Jesus came to them and calmed the waters. Jesus knows we can make it to the other side but we are weak, we don’t always believe or persevere. We can call on him for help and guidance.

Holly shared with us what she considered to be her hard and scary life moments with breast cancer. She leaned on Jesus through her path even when it was hard she called on his name and he got in to her boat to give her strength. It takes determination.

The journey of a marriage takes determination, it always starts fun. It’s not easy each come to the marriage with broken pieces, problems, issues. it takes determination to take broken to bliss.

Challenges and obsticals come we don’t always get the answer to why so we have this storm.

Jerimiah 31:21 set up guidepost for others, faith hope determination,people look to those who navigated it and look for how you handled it. You have an obligation to Jesus to look to him for help. Favor will hit your life don’t forget humility grace and appreciation during the good season as well.

Sometimes if we have no battle no mountain to climb maybe we are still on then shore. Will you get in to the boat the hard and scary battle Jesus calls you to do?
Strength grows but it has to be intentional, we will not grow watching someone else. Example watching exercise tapes do not make you skinny, you have to do the exercise to build strength.

Nehemiah 8:10 The joy of the Lord is your strength.
Joy is a decision it’s the steel rod with in your body. You have to look for joy in everyday life. It’s in the everyday moments.
When your joy is gone so your strength will be gone.
You can look up and let Gods joy be yours. Set guidepost. finishing is where it’s hard, sometimes getting tired pushes you to FINISH it can open up something you never expected.
After exhaustion sometimes instinct kicks in, What your core is, what you put in will come out. Ensure your putting in the right stuff.

Judges 8:4

Isaiah 28:6

Habakkuk3:19 the lord is my strength invincible army makes me walk not stand still in terror he will help me make progress in my high place
Don’t allow your self to get overwhelmed with what is in front of you.

Thank you Wave Women and Holly Wagner I needed that session.