I just had to post this as it was eating me up inside. Recently I was hired as a listing agent for a couple who are in their own domestic distress. I have been very patient in dealing with basically 2 conversations anytime there is something to talk about and having to mediate between the two. We received an offer at almost full price with in 2 weeks of the listing going on the market. Our market time is normally 4-6 months. I have met the appraisal company out there and a contractor to let them in for homes repairs. Yesterday I get a call asking me to drop everything Im doing and run over there to let a moving company in. I graciously told my seller I was in the middle of an event and was not able to help. Mind you the son was just no where to be found and was the one who was supposed to open the door. I asked my assistant would they be able to help but they to had obligations. I was SHOCKED at the reply I got from my seller. He said Come on Im paying you 19 thousand dollars all you have to do it let them in. WHOA ! HOLD on buddy ! That hit me WRONG ! Im normally jumping to do everything I can to help and take stress for my clients, to have someone act like Im not just a listing agent but a go to girl at their beck and call was just going to far to me. I reminded them I was NOT making 19k and I have been there for everything they needed but I was not going to drop everything because they did not plan for them self. It worked out that my assistant was able to make if over to open the door. Guess what we never even got a follow up for a Thank you for jumping through hoops.
I may be crossing the line by posting this but I needed to remind people we are hired to perform REAL ESTATE services NOT what ever you need us to do. Would you ever consider telling a doctor or an attorney, Im paying you this much just do what I want ? Please people realize we cannot just DROP everything we are doing at anytime you need us. We have other clients and obligations as well. I will ALWAYS jump if I can but when I say I cant I just cant.