I recently came across a post where these questions were asked. I thought hummmm you know this about explains why I do what I do

Which social media platforms do you use?
Facebook, Twitter, Blogging,Video

How much time do you spend keeping the content fresh and/or maintaining your site?
Daily about 1 hour a day is dedicated to it

What would you recommend for someone just starting out?
Blogging, People need to “see ” who you are . This is a great plat form to link over to all other places with in the social sphere

What mistakes did you make and what lessons did you learn?
Im a horrible speller and I’m so relaxed with my language I can turn people off.I found a better niche with video. I have to be careful to project my abilities correctly and not be to comfortable on-line. Also NOT EVERYONE wants to connect with you socially. Be very careful not to invite your self to other conversations. Be respectful about boundaries.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you got started? KEEP the BRAND simple and consistent

What is your social media personality? (Are you heavily interactive on Facebook or are you more of a blogger? Do you enjoy appearing in videos? Are you more fun-loving or a serious type?)
Im relaxed and very transparent. I want people to feel like the have known me for years when we meet IRL ( in real life) Im a Video nut as I can get away with personality better

What kind of lead generation results have you obtained from these media? I can honestly say people can understand and connect with me emotionally from my Social media activities. I think they see Im a real person with real feelings not a big box company making tons of money. I can bond with them more easily and create a common ground quickly. I have CLOSED deals from being who I am on social media streams.

What are your answers to these questions ? Id love to hear them !