I took Lori Clayton’s class a few weeks ago and was really inspired to try coupons. I have always been a bit of a savvy shopper but I never had a clear method, and was not sure if I could do better at this. When I got home from the class I grabbed my coupon booklets and starting cutting and cutting and cutting. Lori has a matt she created that has the letters of the alphabet on it so you can lay your coupons on the letters to organize the items by name if you want to. I did not have that matt so I took envelopes and wrote the letters and place my coupons on them instead. It took some time to get through cutting and getting organized at least the 1st set up. SO be patient! I decided to organize the coupons by the name I call the item, it just made sense to me. Oatmeal for me was under Q for Quaker and that is how I also call the name. Cheerios well that was C not for cereal but for Cheerios. ( now I’m thinking I need to file it under General Mills as this is the way the coupon is titled . What ever makes sense to you is best.

It took me about a month to try the match up process. Today is Wednesday and Farm Fresh has double coupons. I figured what the heck let’s go for it. I went to Lori’s site to check the match ups and found most of the coupons in my envelopes.Teaching the Coupon Class

Coupons in hand I headed to the store. It took me a while to find everything and of course some items they did not have . I was a little frustrated but I stayed calm. I now know once I have my list and coupons it is best for me to take them and put them in aisle order as I shop so I’m not all over the store looking for items.

REGISTER TIME. I have to admit I did not stare too much as I was just optimistic all would work out.

$66.11 total bill
$25.94 ITEMS without a coupon
Retail value of items bought with coupons $40.15
SAVINGS $19.40 plus free $4.14 gallon of milk and $4.00 off gas
NET savings I think .685% on the sale items. !!!!

I’m happy