It happened last night ! We were sitting on the couch, Jimmy Brittany and myself watching a tattoo show when Brittany announced it. I was floored, and shocked but totally justified. Brittany said Thank Thank Thank you for not letting me do all the crazy things I wanted to do to my body. The family arguments about piercing, tattoo’s gauges finally paid off. Brittany is now 20 and sees how rough in public girls, women, ladies look with all this expression on their bodies. It was music to my ears that she understood why we said no and how it could impact her life and future. I’m not totally opposed to a tattoo, and there are some that are beautiful works of art. I’m just conservative about then size and placement of them. We are so thankful that she understands the point of view now and the impact it could have had on her life. I’m not so worried about her future choices when she moves out now. I think she will choose restraint and elegance if she ever decides to get one.