Hello NYC

Feeling HOT HOT HOT …. Thats all that is going through my head right now. Walking the streets of new york to day was hazardous to any ones health. Its 100+ out and the city is sizzling. Jimmy and I came to to the to hear U2 play at The New Meadowlands stadium on the 20th. We bought vip tickets this time hoping to make it a more memorable experience. Our area opened up at 530 pm for FREE open bar and buffett. I’m actually thinking we might have been better getting RED ZONE section over VIP. Our seats were okay but RED ZONE would have put us in the pit.

This morning we traveled on the NJ transit train system to get in to then city . A cab was going to cost 68 so we opted for the 8.00 train ride. I’m pretty sure we got there faster doing that over a cab anyway.
Walking in the city today is awful. The temperature is about 100 with heat index closer to 110. I’m sad Jimmy can’t experience all the beautiful buildings because of the heat.

We made it to our hotel ( the Sheraton in Times Square) at 130 just so we could sit in the lobby and cool off.

Off to Carnegie deli and OMG the prices ! Yikes I’m cheap and I know it.

I have to admit this was the worst NYC trip we have ever been on just because of the heat.