Being a Realtor I see families all the time struggling between what they can afford and what items they have to give up in order to buy a home here in Hampton Roads. I feel its my duty to help offer them suggestions tips and tricks to help them budget. I came across a simple recipe for laundry soap. It was economical and cost-effective. Today is the first day I’m trying it out and I’m hoping I’ll love it as much as the others who have tried it and blogged about it. If you have not seen my natural deodorant blog check that out. It will save you money and its healthier for you.

I found the blog for the recipes here Yellow Brick home

I found all the ingredients at Walmart so hopefully you wont have a problem either.

I used a food processor to shred the bar soap then added the powders. I felt like the bar soap shreds were to big and would make it hard to scoop so I processed the whole batch and blended it more. It came out PERFECT and easy to scoop. I used 2 table spoons for a full load of towels.

Make your own Laundry Soap

I use a HE washer and so far I don’t see tons of sudsing so it should be fine for HE machines. I’ll update the blog after the towels are washed today.