Living in Hampton Roads almost all my life I never really used public transit. I don’t think our area has the routes people need and of course it’s not a very walkable city. I got my car and drove where I wanted to just like everyone else. Now we have a game changer. THE TIDE is ready to roll this FRIDAY at 6 am and I cannot wait to be there and document my first ride. The tide will take you from Virginia Beach Newtown Road to Norfolk EVMS. Parking at newtown it will take about 15 min to get to the mall. The Tide stops directly in front and the stop is called Mac Aurthur Mall. you cant miss it.

I’m super excited to RIDE THE TIDE. I have a car and I can go anywhere I want at anytime but….. this is exciting. I love transportation in NYC I know weird. I can just imagine the people I will meet while taking a trip from Newtown Rd to MacArthur Mall. It’s pretty exciting to me.
It’s not a great savings in actual gas but add up all the other benefits .
1 Gas
2 Wear and tear on my car
3 PARKING cost
Balance out the return and I’m ahead.

All day pass $3.50
One way $1.50
Five day pass $16.50
Seven day pass $17.00
Monthly pass $50.00
Additional discounts for youths, seniors,and disabled, Children under 38 inches FREE

6am-11pm weekdays till 12 weekends ( Friday ,Saturday, Sunday )
Extra hours for special events
Peak hours trains will run every 10min off peak every 15min after 10pm every 30min
From EVMS to NEWTOWN road will take 25 min

Tell me will you ride the light rail ?