Be grateful
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Charlotte paster

2. Gratitude sustains joy and blessing
when you are greatfu.l You can sustain the joy over and over again ! Even in crisis you can sustain joy through gratitude

3.Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends ! You cannot be grateful to something you are entitled to.
IRS never gets a thank you for the refund its your money.

Some Christians or people start to get the entitlement mentality how can you be grateful if you feel entitled.

story from the pastor. His new job was paying for health insurance he was so happy to get it because he did not have it with the other job. His friends discounted it and said many people said wow that is standard.He went from excited to entitled. And was no longer greatfull

What benefits do you now see as entitlement now when they used to be gifts.

When your Feeling of Entitlement is high then your gratitude is low.

When your Feeling Gratitude high then your entitlement expectations will be low.

Everyday of your life there is a direct deposit of grace and mercy that covers your sin. Dont feel entitled to what caused Jesus to loose his life.

4. Grateful people can find the blessing enlarge a blessing or create a blessing in almost any situation.

The opposite also true ungrateful can find ,enlarge or create a burden in any situation.

Pastor story -Iphone – streaming video – super happy – it got slow and he found him self getting frustrated. He realized he became ungrateful that fast.

Its in your weakness you become strong.