I’m a fan of a thrift, Junk, Antique, Charity store. What ever you call them I LOVE THEM. I’m the youngest of 4 so getting used clothing was normal for me as a kid. I have been a bargain shopper since I can remember. I love to walk the isles and look at everything. To be thrifty you have to keep your mind open and your eyes VERY OPEN. If you not into used clothes you can still enjoy these stores. Currently I’m on a mission to replace one wine glass that my husband broke by accident. I have wine glasses but this was a Princess House set that I have had for about 15 years. I don’t want to pay full price and I don’t want to buy off ebay. I have been searching every junk store to see if I can locate one. While on my mission I have found SO MUCH MORE !
Last week I got 4 5″tumblers 2 other tumblers, 4 fantasia coffee mugs ( all that cost me 5 bucks!) I also found a hurricane lamp, and a baby cakes container all Princess house.

Yesterday on my mission I found 8 red luncheon plates, 2 campaign glasses and the large chip and dip server and a salt shaker ALL PRINCESS HOUSE. That ran me 18 a little higher then the tumblers but still well worth it. I think the amount retail would have been closer to $200.00+

I also found a ton of fabric to satisfy my sewing addiction a beautiful wine rack, shelves and a painting for my bedroom. WAIT there is more ! My best deal could be these ALVIN STERLING candle sticks prices at $2.25. I was looking on line for similar items and antiques have them from 40-100’s in price !

Over the years I have replaced broken lids, coffee pots, and mismatch items as needed and it was a fraction of the cost ! So the next time a junk store grosses you out think again you could be saving a ton of money ! I’m already to go again today ! I’m still on a mission for that wine glass.