Grocery shopper saving tips

MAXIMIZE that’s the buzz word during the recession.

1 Make a plan. Planning your meals can be the number 1 money and time saver.
2 Bring a calculator when shopping, sales may not be as great as you think. 50% off or buy on get one free are the best bargains.
3 Stock up and freeze when you can.
4 When freezing know what’s in your freezer and use the oldest first.

Good sites to use

5 Use a 12 week system when buying in bulk. When an item is on sale you should buy enough for 12 weeks. Most grocery stores rotate sales every 12 weeks.
6 3 sizes to choose from ? Many times then medium one is the best value. just do the math to confirm.
7 Shop once a week. Many people cannot just run in and run out with one item.
8 Choose a budget take cash and don’t go over. Try adding the items as you put them in your cart. This can deter you from buying items you don’t really need.
9 Try skipping convince food unless its a rock bottom price. Cooking from scratch is usually less expensive.
10 Do something from this list and just save $$$$$$