Im sitting at the kitchen table brainstorming holiday gifts this year. I cant seem to come up with much and Im really not in the holiday spirit. Im struggling with the buy buy buy spend spend commercial side of the holiday. Really people what do you get that says I love you beyond words. Is an xbox really that special. I spent sometime on Etsy yesterday looking to see if I can find interesting unique items that would not only support local but be different then what you see at the local shopping mall. I made 2 purchases then decided that I was able to do a lot of the things I was looking at. So Im back to the drawing board for ideas. Yes I know I just said I would be able to do what I was looking at on Esty but now that would require real effort. Im still contemplating the purchase’s instead. Tell me what is HOT on the I love you list of gifts ? What heartfelt item tops them all ?