Peace and love from my family. Honestly it is. To be able to come together just the 3 of us Christmas morning and share warmed my heart. Its been a tough year and I needed to have love , peace, compassion and my family Christmas morning. I begged for a small Christmas from my husband and while he did not follow it to a tee he did great and bought me things that I love and have a passion for. It was my daughter that threw me for a loop this year. Spa tickets, women’s conference ticket a fossil wallet wine glasses. She out did herself totally. I am happy for her to be able to give so selfless this year. I hope she always feel the glow from with in when she is able to do for others. I pray we all take that feeling and keep it with us year round. The joy of offering of your self for someone else does not have to come with a price tag. The best gift of all is to give of your self.

How was your Christmas, any special reflection moments ?

Creamer family