Holy crap its me !!! All the way ! I love this so much as I cant seem to figure out most patterns but I want so bad to make something really cool.

Why Jane

It’s happening again.  A few days ago I was in the basement organizing my clutter and I came across my insane stash of yarn.  Now the reason it’s insane is because I’m not actually a knitter- and someone who’s not really a knitter should not have this much yarn.  However, I have enjoyed the process of knitting for lengthy amounts of time, knitting up rectangular anything because that’s all I can do.  I’m just not a pattern knitter and I wish and hope I will someday be able to open up a knitting book, pointer finger to the design of my choice and just begin knitting away.  But, that’s for another time, and I digress.  Opening those Rubbermaids was the equivalent of opening a Pandora’s Box.  I now have The Fever.  I want to knit.  And knit.  Now.  I can so relate to the quirky woman in this little animation-one…

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