I had a good friend stay over last night with her 2 little ones. I was excited to see them and enjoy what my world would be like with a 4 and 7-year-old here. It was perfect ! Such sweet kids with personality kept us in stitches the whole night. It’s sad to say I think my guest rang in the New Year while I was asleep. It was about 11ish and I was falling fast. The 4 and 7-year-old were wide awake. OH to have that energy ! The best part was watching my husband bond with her 4-year-old. It was precious ! I loved how he says titty tat and tars. In english that would be kitty cat and guitars. Here are a few of the photos from my lovely night with kids.

The night consistent of TACO BELL, XBOX and WII games and watching the Fantastic 4. You know I have to say I would spend many many more nights like this.