I just saw the most horrific photo of my life. It brought me to a sobbing mess of tears in an uncontrollable way. The image burns in my eyes and I cant get it out. Someone posed a photo of a German Shepherd dog that had been given a fire cracker that exploded in his mouth. You can imagine what it looked like and yes the dog died. The photo was posted to get awareness of animal cruelty but I just cant see something like that in a FB stream. It took my by surprise and melted me in to a pile of emotions this morning. Its appalling that sick people can hurt a precious pet like that. I was not able to find the original article to see what ultimalty happened to the kids who did it . I had to get off the page it was making me physically ill. Its still crushing my heart and soul as I type this. That image is haunting me. People please don’t be cruel these poor creatures trust us to care for them. I can only imagine the pain this animal was feeling when that happened.
What would you feel if someone you loved was viciously hurt for entertainment.

Stand against animal cruelty we are the protectors and guardians of them.