Paying taxes and Government Officials

It sickens me when leaders of our government somehow think they are above the law. Paul Riddick a city councilmen for Norfolk allegedly owes a variety of types of taxes form the last 14 years. Im ashamed to have this behavior sitting on a government board of officials. I cannot imagine that in 14 years he never thought maybe I need to get this taken care of. Im sure when he was running for city council he knew he was hiding this. A quote from the councilman “I knew this day was coming”. Just disgusting if you ask me. Im a law abiding citizen and a small company with 3 employees I file EVERY MONTH and pay my taxes I file end of year taxes and settle up with the IRS as well as the state. What made him think he did not have to. I hate taxes and I hate the stress of them but quite frankly with out them MR RIDDICK you would have NO PAYCHECK FOR YOUR JOB ! SO in my opinion you STOLE twice. When you received you paycheck you got paid to do a government job yet you may have not paid your fair shore to receive that paycheck.

Va Pilot list shows this is what he is in the hole for
6718 city taxes
4423 business personal property taxes
387 in taxes for a business car
1908 in real estate taxes.
196000 in social security and medicare
27000 in unemployment taxes from his business

Its just incredible that he admitted guilt and then begs for mercy because the economy is bad and his funeral home business is slow. So if we all follow his lead then lets see how much we can all hold back on paying taxes wait 14 years then say oops I figured Id get caught one day. I don’t think there should be any forgiveness or negotiations. He knew the money was owed and chose not to pay it. In my opinion he needs to be held accountable for the money in full with legal action and penalties.

Funny he still claims he deserves his position on city council and this should not effect his ability to do a good job on the board.